Surprisingly High Carb Food

There are some surprisingly high-carb foods that some of us may not realise are as full of carbohydrate as they are.

Whilst the foods later on in this guide may not be super-high in carbs, if you are consistently underestimating how ‘carby’ the food you’re having is, this can easily add up to a large difference.

In this guide we’ll look at:

Health foods and health drinks
Milky drinks – including lattes
Fruit, fruit juice and smoothies
Certain alcoholic drinks
Beans and lentils
Starchy vegetables
Health foods and health drinks
Don’t be blinded by lofty health claims of so-called health foods A whole industry around health foods has grown up and where there’s money to be made, there’s usually junk being sold.

Our advice is therefore to approach with a certain degree of scepticism.

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